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This website is maintained by Graham Bartram, that's me. There is no huge organization supporting the website, it's just a personal website that got a bit out of hand. It's very popular and whilst that is great it's also expensive. The hosting costs of a site that get between 1.5 and 2 million page impressions a month are considerable.

To offset these costs I have had to place banner ads at the top of each page which I know can be annoying but they do bring in revenue to help meet costs. The new version of this site has added Google Adwords down the side which are hopefully less distracting (as they match the sites look) and may be more relevant to you than the banner ads as they use the content of the page you are looking at to select which ads to show.

If you would like to have your banners displayed on this site, click to contact TribalFusion.

You will also see that my list of books includes links to Amazon. This is another revenue stream as Amazon pay me a small commission for each sale made through these links with what is known as an 'affiliate scheme'.

Finally there are the two flag shops, the UK shop and the US shop, where you can buy high quality flags and have them shipped anywhere in the world. This is another affiliate scheme, this time with MrFlag in Wales and Online Stores in the USA. Again I get a commission for each flag sold.

So if you want to buy a flag, a flag book, or are just interested in any of the ads shown on the site then please do click them as it all helps pay for this website. My long term aim is to earn enough money working on flags to give up my day job and concentrate on flags entirely. Well one can always dream...

Alternatively, if you have found this site useful and would like to make a donation, you can click the PayPal button below. You can pay by PayPal account or credit card.

Thank you for your support!