Sub-national flags

Image of Alberta

Alberta [1:2]

Provincial Capital: Edmonton

Image of British Columbia

British Columbia [2:3]

Provincial Capital: Victoria

Image of Manitoba

Manitoba [1:2]

Provincial Capital: Winnipeg

Image of New Brunswick

New Brunswick [5:8]

Provincial Capital: Fredericton

Image of Newfoundland & Labrador

Newfoundland & Labrador [1:2]

Provincial Capital: St. John's

Image of Newfoundland (traditional flag)

Newfoundland (traditional flag) [1:2]

Image of Labrador (local flag)

Labrador (local flag) [2:3]

Image of Northwest Territories

Northwest Territories [1:2]

Territorial Capital: Yellowknife

Image of Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia [2:3]

Provinical Capital: Halifax

Image of Nunavut

Nunavut [9:16]

Territorial Capital: Iqaluit

Image of Ontario

Ontario [1:2]

Provincial Capital: Toronto

Image of Prince Edward Island

Prince Edward Island [2:3]

Provinical Capital: Charlottetown

Image of Québec

Québec [2:3]

Provincial Capital: Québec City

Image of Saskatchewan

Saskatchewan [1:2]

Provinical Capital: Regina

Image of Yukon

Yukon [1:2]

Territorial Capital: Whitehorse

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