Sub-national flags

Image of New South Wales

New South Wales [1:2]

State Capital: Sydney

Image of Queensland

Queensland [1:2]

State Capital: Brisbane

Image of South Australia

South Australia [1:2]

State Capital: Adelaide

Image of Tasmania

Tasmania [1:2]

State Capital: Hobart

Image of Victoria

Victoria [1:2]

State Capital: Melbourne

Image of Western Australia

Western Australia [1:2]

State Capital: Perth

Image of Northern Territory

Northern Territory [1:2]

Territorial Capital: Darwin

Image of Australian Capital Territory (ACT)

Australian Capital Territory (ACT) [1:2]

Territorial Capital: Canberra

Image of Torres Strait Islanders’ Flag

Torres Strait Islanders’ Flag [1:2]

Image of Aboriginal Peoples’ Flag

Aboriginal Peoples’ Flag [1:2]

Image of Norfolk Island

Norfolk Island [1:2]

Capital: Kingston

Image of Christmas Island

Christmas Island [1:2]

Capital: The Settlement

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